Miguel Alves is a Portuguese designer, based in Lisbon. He works with many different artistic subjects such as photography, graphic design, art direction, music and Architecture. Photographer (mostly fashion editorials) in collaboration with several magazines and brands around Europe. Has a Master Degree in Architecture from Lisbon University of Architecture and a degree in Graphic Design on Lisbon School of Design, both in Portugal.

His last work was as Creative Director for FORA Sunglasses, a Lisbon based Portuguese brand. He made a lot different things such as branding, editorial, content creation, lifestyle photography and social media curation.

As a freelancer he’s been working with editorial projects, visual identities, and branding works done with local bars, small businesses, and clients operating in fashion, retail and music; companies such as Universidade Católica Portuguesa, JNCQUOI (Amorim Luxury Group), Slou Lisbon, FORA Sunglasses and many others.

Most recently, in collaboration with Strawberry Studio and graphic designer Maria Bastos, all the branding for Garrett McNamara. The big wave rider that had the Guiness World record for biggest wave ever ride on the planet, in Nazaré 2 years ago. Miguel is now taking care about all brand guidelines, all identity curation and collaboration with brands such as Mercedes Benz, Thule, As Portuguesas and many others. 

Editorial Design
Branding and strategy
Content Creator
Website layout design
Art Direction
Social Media curation

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